Monday, February 19, 2007

Profile: Two Diigo Members' Bookmarks

Egnarorm, on Diigo, tags five of his social bookmarks with the label "marriage", all of which could be useful to me and my marriage research:

1) Concerned Women for America - Top 10 reasons to Support the Marriage Affirmation and Protection Amendment

2) Legal and Economic Benefits of Marriage

3) Education on Same-Sex Marriages

4) Marriage Equality USA

5) U.S. Divorce Rates for Various Faith Groups, Age Groups and Geographical Areas

One downfall of this list is that it doesn't let a reader know immediately what source a given article is from. Furthermore, beyond the link itself, egnororm does not venture into any details, comments, or responses of his own about the piece..

I take this as indication that his primary goal on Diigo is not necessarily to network, but simply to store these articles for himself and his own future use.

His interest in the subject of marriage seems to have emerged, peaked and declined within the same period of October 2006, as all of his articles on the subject appear during that time.

His overall interest seems to lie consistently within the realm of social justice, as indicative by his first few tags in the alphabetically ordered list at the side of his page: "2005, abortion, academia, academic, activism. . . argument. . .big ideas. . . civil rights. . . conservative. . . conspiracy. . . divorce. . . drugs. . ." and so on.

I don't detect much else from his page, about him or his interest, as his profile (like mine) is empty, offering only the default Diigo image for my viewing pleasure.

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~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Another member of the Diigo community, Mounirra, also hosts a fair amount of bookmarks that could be helpful in my own research:

She has tagged eleven of bookmarks under "marriage," although there are only five different articles on the list, predominately from Psychology Today:

1) Questions Couples Should Ask (Or Wish They Had) Before Marrying - New York Times

2) Psychology Today: The Reinvention of Marriage

3) Joey Adams Quotes

4) Psychology Today: Til Debt Do Us Part

5) Psychology Today: Love Lessons

There doesn't seem to be a terribly consistent form to her listings, but for the most part she does at least provide the title and source of the work, along with some comments of her own.

Only one of her bookmarked articles, "Questions Couples Should Ask...", received comment from another Diigo member.

Of particular interest to me, of any article on the list, is "The Reinvention of Marriage"; and I suspect, from her many comments and four-time bookmarking of this particular article, that it was of particular interest to her as well, among the others she posted.

She, too, provides only her name in her profile, with no picture or additional information about herself or her particular interest(s); but her primary interests, based on her most frequent tags, seem to relate to love and relationships. Her top twenty include "love", "relationship", "psychology", and "marriage".

A few of her thirty links on love are also of interest to me in relation to my own subject, such as:

1) How Love Works

2) The Science of Love

3) The Truth About Compatibility

4) How to Overcome the Fear of Marriage


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