Thursday, April 12, 2007

Comment on Well-Written Blog: SaveTheMarriage.Com

Yes, it's true... I am advocating a blog that aims to perpetuate these unions that I so often deem as silly:

Lee Baucom, a marriage counselor with a PhD., maintains his SaveTheMarriage blog, based on his best-selling eBook of the same title.
His is a well-written blog that enlightens or simply reminds husbands and wives about the reality of what their union demands. He addresses common myths and hypocrisies partners impose on one another, and offers reality checks in terms of expectations and the best way to handle inevitable issues that arise in an institution that evolves from romance to companionship simply because it's its nature to do so. He addresses the instincts that can often lead to more trouble in marriage than a couple originally meant to address and correct by applying logic, as an outside party, that people involved in unions tend to become blind to when their emotions are in the picture.

His explanations are not textbook, bland, or distant, but based in anecdotes, examples and observations that virtually anyone could relate to.

For instance, I'm not married, and never intend to be, yet I still benefit from this important reminder and perspective he offered in his February 13th post:
"Someone can love you, and not meet your needs. You can love someone and not meet their needs."

And from there, he goes on to detail a woman whose husband gave her early Valentine's flowers for her in demonstration of his love and thoughtfulness, but later dismissed her need to be heard because she was interrupting a television program to talk. Easily, a woman in that instant feels unloved. But in this simple assertion and that basic example, Baucom reminds his readers of reasoning that we can easily forget in the midst of our own relationships, particularly, in this entry, by offering as proof, the simple reality that we cannot deny: we do it to others all the time.

With the same simple and basic approach to various other relationship topics--such as why weekend getaways aren't panaceas and the flaws in the declaration "We need to talk"--he does a wonderful job in his entries, of clearing up common misconceptions that could otherwise spin a marriage or relationship out of control. It's free counseling and it's quality. His effectiveness is rooted in his ability to keep it simply and comepletely honest with his readers.


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Dr. Baucom will be on a free teleseminar on How to Save Your Marriage, coming up on Wednesday, May 16.

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